Safe and easy tool for organizing photos.

The Task

Sharing photos is easy: Users click snapshots, then quickly, almost effortlessly send images to family and friends via social media, messaging apps, email, and text. PhotoKeeper performs the complicated next step, gathering far-flung photos from various platforms and devices and storing them in one secure, well-ordered place. In designing the app's brand and user interfaces, Notch had to transform an overwhelming chore — organizing scores of photos — into an enjoyable activity. We also needed to emphasize security: The internet isn't always safe, but with PhotoKeeper, users' photos will be.

Our Approach

The average mobile phone user takes 150 photos a month, nearly 2,000 photos a year. That's a lot of digital data. PhotoKeeper's engineers mastered the grab, pulling myriad images from multiple streams into a protected space. The sheer number of photos might overwhelm users, so Notch kept a tight focus when designing each screen. At every step, users are offered simple options presented with clean graphics and minimal language. At the same time, we employed a cheerful-but-unobtrusive palette that allows photos to take center stage, reminding users that what they're doing isn't work … it's curating memories.

It’s a versatile option designed to reach a broad range of customers. –

The Challenge

PhotoKeeper marries a powerful engine, able to pull large amounts of data from numerous streams, to a capable organizational machine that sorts images into albums by time and place. Add in PhotoKeeper's superior storage and security mechanisms and the app stands out in a crowded marketplace.

While a set of exceptional technical features addresses users' digital image needs, it can't begin to address the abstract elements inherent in photo storage. Users are deeply and emotionally attached to their memories, captured in snapshots. In order for users to choose PhotoKeeper to store those memories, users need to trust PhotoKeeper. One of Notch's biggest challenges on this project was translating that abstract concept — trust — into a design that made users feel safe.

In our quest to reassure users, we embraced simplicity. A complicated interface with excess elements adds stress to a user's experience. We created clear, open interfaces that smoothly move users through the process of photo sorting. When making color choices, we opted for lively shades anchored by a blue that says "friendly" without saying "loud."

Notch took on illustration duties as part of product branding. We knew a strong icon could succinctly express much of what PhotoKeeper needs to say: “We're capable, we're friendly, and we're secure.” Employing the brand's signature blue, we designed a cheerful character resembling an instant photograph. The character appears throughout the app, illustrating various features and instructions, working in concert with our clean interfaces to let users know they're in good hands.