A social sports app powered by fans.

The Task

Sports fans needs sports friends, fellow enthusiasts riding the same season-long rollercoaster. Fanvana is a platform for finding those friends, for chatting about scores and stats, and for locating nearby hangouts with likeminded fans, whether your team is 10 miles away or 10,000. In tackling the app's design, Notch had to create interfaces that immediately said "sports," but also "social." The experience needed to feel authentic enough for the diehards, and welcoming enough for the casual fans. We also had to convey that Fanvana is a community, not a sport publication. The subject is sports. The fans are the lens.

Our Approach

Fanvana offers users multiple points of engagement, from taking part in real-time conversations during games to figuring out what time the game is on, and where in the world they can watch it. In helping set the flow from one page to the next, and in designing the app, we set out to give users a sense of ownership by offering a few simple choices at every turn — choose your team, choose your community members, choose your games and your location. We made this personalization process easy by creating clear, visual prompts and straightforward, intuitive means of navigation.

Fanvana is fan + nirvana and it emphasizes the fan voice. - Clips Nation

The Challenge

Fanvana's founder set out to build a fan-centric sports hangout for your phone. Here you find your sports people — the fans who root for your team, who obsess over the same plays and question the same calls, whose spirits soar and sink as your team's fortunes rise and fall. The perspective is personal – your teams, your athletes, your commentary, your community.

Like every app creator, one of Fanvana's initial goals was to attract and immediately engage a core community of users. The app currently focuses on the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. Fanvana set out to attract the serious sports junkies, asking us to create a seriously sporty aesthetic when designing the app. But not too serious; they also want to appeal to more laid-back fans.

Tackling "serious, but not too serious," we employed warm, strong colors for team names and icons, and chose a bold, go-team red to tie important text together throughout the app. To highlight the latest news, we chose high-quality sports photography similar to that found in traditional sports publications. We used city skylines to indicate game locations, emphasizing the app's reach across the country. Finally, we created a game-like approach to choosing teams. Users drag a sports ball into a glove, through goalposts, or into a hoop to pick their favorites.